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Graduated from traditional art and design school, I have worked in printing and advertising industries since early 1992. Few years after the desktop publishing revolution, I came back to college to study digital art and later, online publishing. With decades of print and web experience, I can be seen as a composer who successfully combines words and graphics into a single effective visual communication piece.

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Visual Art

Despite many traditional art disciplines are now integrating digital technologies, fine art is still a primary skill to express the artist's creativity. From water color on paper, oil on canvas to acrylic over composite panel, I could transform imagination into a form of visual art.

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Desktop Publishing

I have earned an extensive desktop publishing and digital press experience in more than two decades working. The knowledge of traditional and digital printing technologies have been a great help to my design works, reducing the turn around time and minimize possible errors.

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Digital Media

Evolving with the Web 2.0 and seeing the great demand of Digital Media, I have developed working skills to handle the work of a small digital video/audio studio alone. With a hand full of successful projects, my digital media portfolio is still growing even stronger every month.


Intelligent Planet - 2010 Corporate VideoIntelligent Planet - 2010 Advantech Corporate ALTA IndyCAR Themes Video2016 ALTA Conference - IndyCAR Themes ALTA 2015 Nascar Themes Video Comp2015 ALTA Conference - NASCAR Themes


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